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Experience Excellence

Welcome to Infinity Global Xpress – your gateway to unparalleled logistics solutions. We’re more than just a shipping company; we’re your strategic partner, dedicated to propelling your business to new heights.

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Drayage Intermodal Less than Truckload Over The Road Warehouse & Distribution Ocean Services
Drayage Intermodal Less than Truckload Over The Road Warehouse & Distribution Ocean Services

Shipment arrival at port

Your cargo arrives at the port, ready for the next leg of its journey.


Delivery to Warehouse

We swiftly transport your container from the port to our strategically located warehouse.


Processing and Sorting

Our expert team efficiently unloads, sorts, and prepares your goods for their final journey.


Delivery to Final Destination

We deliver your cargo to its ultimate destination promptly and flawlessly.

Discover Who We Are

We are the driving force behind your goods' seamless journey to their destination – always on time and with optimal cost-efficiency. Drawing on our vast industry contacts, integrated warehouse chain, and years of invaluable experience, we orchestrate the swiftest arrival of your goods. Our expansive Sumner, Washington warehouse empowers us to deliver products directly to their destination, bypassing the conventional distribution hubs.

From international freight forwarding to domestic transportation, IGX tackles every facet of the freight logistics process. While other companies may offer fragmented services, Infinity Global Xpress is your comprehensive single-source solution.

Logistics Triumphs

Beyond Boundaries: Our Project Narratives

Inception and Vision

Our journey began in 2015 with the acquisition of Edgmon Trucking LLC, a company primarily specializing in drayage services at the bustling ports of Seattle and Tacoma. In 2018, Infinity Global Xpress was established to provide seamless, end-to-end logistics solutions, guiding goods from their port of entry to their final destination.

First Regional Expansion

In 2020, Infinity Global Xpress embarked on a transformative journey, splitting into two distinct entities – Infinity Global Xpress (IGX), dedicated exclusively to 3PL services, and Infinity Global Distributions (IGD), specializing in warehouse and distribution solutions. IGX, with a renewed focus, expanded its presence by establishing offices in multiple cities, experiencing consistent organic growth.

Technological Advancements

Infinity Global Xpress is at the forefront of technological innovation in the logistics industry. Our advanced Transportation Management System (TMS) offers clients comprehensive visibility and control over their shipments. We’re committed to ongoing technological investments, ensuring we deliver state-of-the-art solutions to the market and provide our customers with exceptional service.

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Infinity Global Xpress envisions a future steeped in excellence.

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