We are a company dedicated to leading the way in responsible management of employees, clients, carriers, and global communities. At IGX, we are committed to finding talented individuals and teams with a passion for effective and considerate logistics to add to our global family. It takes a vision of creating a better work environment to attract the best partners, and here at IGX, we seek only the top tier members of the transport industry.

Joining our network brings access to warehouse services, flexibility of methods, and innovative technology. Being a carrier with IGX means becoming part of an ethical and expanding business, reaching into every area of domestic and international shipping and delivery. Join IGX if you want to make a difference.


At Infinity Global Xpress we are committed to road safety and customer service. We take pride in promoting safe work conditions for all of our employees and carrier partners. Our clients, carriers, employees, and leadership form our community, and our community is our company. A network depends on every connection, and as a logistics specialty company, Infinity Global Xpress naturally wants to find the optimal solution for every member of the team, from client to logistics to carrier. As one succeeds, we all succeed.

Technology is the cornerstone of our company’s success. In addition to allowing customers to reach us at any time, our sophisticated system of tracking and analytics bring our carriers together with our leadership teams to find solutions that are profitable and effective for everyone involved. Transportation analytics allow business to improve for both clients and carriers, using responsive dashboards and geo-mapping capabilities provided by IGX. Information becomes actionable business intelligence. These systems allow you to visualize your shipping data, and quickly highlight where to spend your time most effectively.


Optimize your payment process and earn maximum profits. At Infinity Global Xpress, we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of payment transparency in the industry. We believe in transparency between customers, carrier partners, and team members, and our company culture emphasizes ethical treatment of every member of our transportation community. That’s why we’ve set up our freight payment services so that you know exactly when, where, and how much was paid. After all, it’s your money, you should always know where it is.


Infinity Global Xpress depends on our carriers to get the job done, and our carriers can depend on us to help make it happen. From port to rail, warehouse to truck, we engage dozens of carriers with respect and cooperation. Using databases, dashboards, and customer service teams, IGX will answer questions, direct shipments, and provide payment details at any time of day or night. We can’t accomplish our vision without the hard work of our teams and partners, so call us any time.