Warehouse & Distribution

Enjoy the benefits of our warehouse. We do.

Infinity Global Xpress’s Warehouse is the central pillar of our operation, enabling us to provide international and domestic services for every occasion. We strive to deliver to our customers only the highest level of service, quality, flexible logistics solutions, and adaptability in terms of rapid changing volumes and customer needs. That dream is made possible by our state-of-the-art warehouse. The IGX warehouse is where global freight forwarding meets domestic shipping by rail, air, and land. We are an all-inclusive logistics provider, with our warehouses providing transloading operations, storage, distribution, and fulfillment services across America. Your goods are fully controlled and handled with utmost attention by our skilled staff between port, transload, storage, intermodal transfer, and on to distribution.

Supported by cutting edge virtual tracking software, providing full visibility of your inventory, IGX partners with you to determine what services provide the optimal outcome. Pick and Pack to create units your size, selling online through e-commerce. Transload freight and send the empties back immediately, saving on expensive storage of empty containers. By adding warehouse services, customers can consolidate deliveries, transfer shipments throughout the country, and small retailers can even use our space to store and distribute goods. No matter where your goods are or where they need to be, we will make it happen exactly the way you desire.

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