Our Services

Our Services

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Infinity Global Xpress is the single-stop solution for global and domestic shipping. Operating out of our 70,000 square foot warehouse in the Pacific Northwest, IGX is a team of logistics specialists capable of anything from international freight forwarding to deliveries at local distribution centers. Using cutting-edge tracking and communication technology, your goods are watched through the entire process, start to finish. Warehouses and connections across the country enable us to store, load, transload, ship, and receive across 80% of the domestic United States, in under 48 hours. International port deliveries give Infinity Global Xpress its name, and we are proud to cultivate our reputation as leaders in the international industry.

Why Choose Us?


The heart of our supply chain is our proud and expansive Warehouse. With over 70,000 square feet of space, we are easily capable of storing and handling everything on your packing list. Second only to our customers, our Warehouse is our biggest asset. Take advantage of storage, distribution, drayage, transloading, and many other flexible warehousing solutions to any shipping challenge, domestic or international.


Find the perfect solution with speed and flexibility! We deliver practical answers to dynamic problems using our warehouse chain and expansive network of logistics partners. Goods in most of the continental United States can be delivered to any domestic destination in under 48 hours. With connections, leadership, technology, and critical thinking, we can handle any unforeseen circumstances that may arise.


IGX watches over every step of the process, handling every aspect of contracts, from freight forwarding to domestic shipping. Expert contract managers recognize and solve problems before they occur. Skip the distribution centers and use our warehouses to store and deliver products, or take advantage of transloading and intermodal transport, all with the assurance that IGX has eyes on the package at all times. Our trusted carriers are coordinated and supported throughout contract fulfillment by our domestic logistics experts.


Our customer support works just for you. Trained professional service agents clear your queries with high clarity and assist you to provide proper documentation and requirements before the job is started. We work 24/7 to satisfy our customers’ needs, so we are here anytime to help you with every aspect of freight or logistics service. Enjoy the services of a dedicated account manager to be a single point of contact throughout the entire process, start to finish.


Infinity Global Xpress is always updated with the latest technology to keep an eye on your goods until they reach the destination in proper condition, without delay. Our goal is to provide you with full visibility, including real-time updates from cloud-based software and personalized communication with our team. Take advantage of supply chain visibility, analytics, compliance validation, and more.


Transloading is a key cost-saving element, made possible by our central warehouse in Sumner, WA, and our chain of subsidiary warehouse spaces across the country. Transloading services consolidate deliveries into larger domestic trailers, ensuring that space is used cost-effectively. Reduce the number of trucks used to ship your product inland to distribution centers, and gain better ocean contracts as you return empty containers immediately to their port of origin.