Transporting freight around the world is a highly organized and detailed job. Companies who import or export goods internationally find it essential to get the work done through a reliable freight forwarding service.  Infinity Global Xpress offers quality logistics services that help in the process of exporting and importing goods from one place to another globally. We understand the requirements and the best modes of transportation for particular destinations.

Through the years, we have learned that most people dislike paperwork and forwarding freight certainly requires a lot of documentation. We handle the essential documents to move your goods to and from different destinations throughout the world. We understand both the required paperwork involved as well as the legalities of transporting goods. We have built a solid network with several reliable agents and transporters worldwide to facilitate movement of your goods by way of sea, land, rail and air.

One of the benefits of hiring us is that your job is outsourced to talented and reliable experts.  Small to medium-sized companies rely on us as an extension of their logistics personnel especially when handling unique and specialty items.  In addition to air and ocean freight, we offer a list of other logistics services including, customs compliance, cargo insurance, out-of-gage, project cargo, risk management, etc.  Our goal is to relieve you of the burdens that come with foreign transport of your freight via multiple modes and across all borders.

Along with detailed organization, freight forwarding requires comprehensive planning to get things done properly. Our team is well versed in custom rules and regulations specific to all international destinations as well as the best means of transport for specific items to ensure that your shipment is transported in the most cost effective and safe way. Solid execution of all the details in the right sequence is critical to ensure uninterrupted transit and delivery.

Moving large shipments to different destinations, and across international borders, can be a complex process. Infinity Global Xpress allows you to concentrate on your core business while we concentrate ours… ensuring your freight reaches its final destination with excellence. We invite you to take advantage of IGX’s expertise, quality service and reliability to ship your products to any part of the world. Contact us today for a free quotation!

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